Code of Conduct

Junior Cricket Code of Conduct

Note: This policy is intended for the members of Hamilton Old Boys Cricket Club and is additional to, not replacing, the Hamilton Cricket Association (HCA) code of conduct

Captains of respective teams must be made aware of the standards expected and endeavour to uphold these standards on the field of play and at the grounds whilst representing our club. Where a breach of these standards occurs it is the captain’s responsibility to report the incidents to a club board member at the first opportunity.

Dress Code:

  • Where a uniform has been supplied, this must be worn when representing the club.
  • Wear your uniform with PRIDE.
  • Ensure your uniform is kept in good condition.


  • Represent your club in a positive manner
  • Respect and accept umpiring decisions at all times.
  • Respect fellow team members and in particular your captain.
  • Show respect to your opponents.
  • Remember – there is no ‘I’ in team.  Work together.
  • Act rather than react.
  • Do not give up!
  • Use appropriate and encouraging language. No “put downs”.
  • Accept honest criticism as positive feedback.
  • Play by the rules.

Off Field:

  • The club has a right to set expectations for behaviour standards from our members attending functions at our clubrooms and other miscellaneous venues that may be chosen from time to time.
  • Without being too specific each of us has a duty to ensure that the club functions are harmonious, non-threatening and enjoyable to all members of the club.  Therefore at all times club members must ensure that their behaviour and that of their guests is acceptable to all attendees rather than just those in your immediate group.
  • The rules should also incorporate any conditions that Hamilton Boys’ High School may stipulate whilst we use their pavilion and/or playing fields for sporting or social events.
This Code of Conduct was written in conjunction with junior members of the club following a Junior Team Leadership Course. March, 2007.