Code of Conduct

On Field

Captains of respective teams will be aware of club standards and will uphold these standards during the day’s play whilst representing our club.

Where a breach of the standards occurs, it is the captain’s responsibility to report the incident/s to a club Board member or members at the first opportunity.

The club must not be bought into disrepute on or off the field.

  • Abide by the rules of the game and any other conditions or expectations laid down by either the club or the Hamilton Cricket Association.
  • Respect and acceptance of umpiring decisions is always necessary. Umpiring decisions should only be questioned by the team captain and/or the bowler in action. Questions placed by these players do not have to be responded to by the umpire and respect and caution should always be exercised in the manner of the questioning.
  • Where the Captain is concerned with the competence of a player umpire then it is up to the captain to discuss the issue/s with the captain of the umpire’s team to try to resolve the issue.
  • It is a requirement that captains submit an umpire’s report on all official umpires standing at their match.
  • The verbal interaction during matches is difficult to place boundaries on as the levels often will be determined by the opposition. The captain will set the boundaries and will be particularly mindful of the difference between senior club and school teams. Regardless of the captain’s assessment if an umpire becomes involved then their instruction should be immediately adopted.
  • Dress code for players (on and off the field) representing the club should reflect the highest standards. Where uniforms and training gear has been provided then it must be worn. Care must be taken to ensure that any clothing is kept in good condition and respected as club property.
  • All club players have a responsibility on match day to represent their club in a positive manner. This applies to your team, opposition, and officials. Respect all fellow club members and foremost your team captain.
  • All club players are not to smoke on the field, consume alcohol or any recreational drugs before, during or after the game if still involved in any club activities

Off Field

  • The club has a right to set expectations regarding standards of behaviour whilst club members are attending any team club functions/meetings or gatherings. This not only applies to clubrooms or bars but includes our conduct at game venues.
  • Without being specific we have a duty to ensure that club functions are harmonious, and all members are comfortable in the environment. Therefore, our behaviour and that of our guests is acceptable to all attendees rather than that of your immediate group.
  • HBHS has clearly defined rules regarding the consumption of alcohol or smoking (tobacco or illegal substances) on school grounds, the exemption being that alcohol can be consumed in the confines of the club rooms.
  • Use of foul or abusive language, bad behaviour, violence, or racism will not be tolerated whether directed at team/club members, opposition players or supporters, officials, or general public.
  • Respect the school and club facilities and grounds at all times.

Hamilton Old Boys Cricket Club

HOBCC now consists of five senior teams and more than a dozen junior teams, catering to all ages and abilities.

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