2018 AGM voting templates

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We can confirm for you the following:

We have 8 members (maximum) available for office on the Old Boys Board and as we have received no further nominations all have been elected so that there is no vote required.

Congratulations to:

  • Jake Harvey (incumbent)
  • Josh Reid (incumbent)
  • Mike Rowland (incumbent)
  • Janice Fraser (incumbent)
  • Rupert Hodgson (incumbent)
  • Rishi Chadha (newly elected)
  • Charlotte Sarsfield (newly elected)
  • Ben Anderson (newly elected)

In addition Chad Britton has been elected as the club auditor and Sue Hassall as Patron as we have had no further nominations.

Could all the new Board plus Jason Perrett be available at 6.00 pm on Thursday the 28th June at the Old Boys club rooms?

The business to be dealt with will be:

  • Apologies (Board only)
  • Approval of Chairmans report
  • Approval of Financial report
  • Deal with 2 General Business Items submitted:
  • Life membership of J Aitken
  • Club name change.

For the AGM to be a success all members are required to submit before the 28th June the AGM voting template which asks the following:

  • Approve/Disapprove the Chairmans report
  • Approve/Disapprove the Financial report
  • Vote whether you wish to support/not support the proposal for life membership of J Aitken
  • Vote whether you wish to support/not support the proposal for a club name change.

AGM Agenda AGM Voting template AGM name change Arthur James Aitken (Life Membership)

  1. AGM Agenda
  2. AGM Voting template
  3. AGM name change
  4. Arthur James Aitken (Life Membership)


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